Mikvas Chana- Mei Leiba
Friday, February 26, 2021 - 14 Adar 5781
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5:24 PM in Westport, CT
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Friday, 26 Feb 2021
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Mikvas Chana- Mei Leiba

inside the mikvah

Why Mikvah?

Why did the Jews of Masada, besieged by the Romans and with precious few supplies build and maintain two mikvahs?

Why did our grandmothers in Eastern Europe break through rivers frozen with ice in order to use the Mikvah?

Why does building a mikvah take precedence over building a house of worship?

Jews are a holy people because life is holy to us. Mikvah is the ultimate celebration of life and the power given by G-d exclusively to women to create life. To immerse in the spiritually cleansing waters of the mikvah is to experience rebirth and renewal and to return to the waters of Eden, introducing a dimension of paradise into our every day life.

The mikvah admits a third partner ~G-d ~ into our marriages, our homes and our lives, bestowing a blessing on all our loved ones. On a practical level many couples who observe the laws relating to mikvah maintain that it keeps their marriage fresh and exciting. The Jewish family as well as the Jewish people owe their stunning success and their remarkable longevity to this most vital mitzvah.

The Mikvas Chana will be built in compliance with the highest halachik and aesthetic standards, designed by Valerie Schweitzer, architect of Westport, CT.

The Mikvah is being built at our Shul- Beth Israel Chabad, which is the oldest congregation in this fast growing area, celebrating its 120 years. When the original shul was built in a neighboring area of Downtown South Norwalk in 1906, it held a beautiful mikvah in its basement.  In its current and majestic location now in East Norwalk, for the last 40 years, the hope is to establish a free standing mikvah on the current property.

Update as of 2019, we have all of our building permits and a lot of materials.  We are excited to begin excavation and appreciate the current and future donations for this stage.

For more information on the beautiful mitzvah of Mikvah or to donate to the building fund please contact 203 635 4118 or email us at info@schneersoncenter.org

To make a SECURE donation CLICK  HERE!



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